700B0175Before Registration

Q.Does it really regardless of nationality?
A.Yes.But please make sure that you are in Japan,and you have a regular job.
             Q.Is it a common matching site?
 A. No,our company has 37 years’ history for matchmaking introduction.   Well,you can search the partner via our website for the members.

            Q.Is there any requirement for membership?
A.Single、more than 20 years old、looking for a marriage partner seriously.
If you are a man,please also make sure that you have a regular job.
       Q.I am living in America now,could I become your member?
A.Sorry, it is limited to the person who lives in Japan with a regular occupation.


Q.Is it possible to participate in a activity away from Nagoya?
A.Yes,no problem.
Q.Is the number of people decided every month?
A.There are no number of people restrictions.But we cannot recommend you contact with more than one person.
Q.If I want to meet a foreigner in Japan ,is there any different in charge?
A.NO,the charge is same.

Q.I have dated with him,but I think that our personalities don’t match 。Is it better to say no by myself?

A.We think that it is hard to decline to a partner from yourself,so please contact us and we will turn down the partner politely.


Q.Could you tell me the timing of the marriage?
A.There are a variety of timings about the marriage.The timing of the marriage doesn’t mean the wedding in our company.